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What's On My Desk (Part One : Organising)

This is how my desk was looking this morning as I came into my office to start logging and organising footage shot in the past few days. This is completely different to how my desk looks for an edit, so i'll add part two : editing here soon. Here's what's on my desk..

  1. Fuji Instax Share Printer : This is here for when I take a break or i'm waiting for something. I like to have my digital photos as a physical copy as well and this little beauty is perfect for that.
  2. Fuji Instax Film : Kind of obvious this one, great film nonetheless and fits my Mini 90 Neo Classic Instax Camera too.
  3. iPad Mini : As you can see i'm Apple through and through. I use a lot of apps that are on all three of my devices and love the fact I can go from one to another. I tend to use my iPad for reading websites I like, books, magazines and sometimes for production use on set.
  4. iPhone 6 Plus : Straight away I loved the larger screen. I have relatively big hands so handling is easy and the 128GB lets me store more of the stuff I want in my pocket.
  5. Bose QuietComfort Headphones : These are amazing. Noise cancelling for work and travel is a must. These go everywhere with me.
  6. Beats Pill : When i'm not editing I like to put some music on and email / log footage and organise, this little speaker travels with me too.
  7. Apple Magic trackpad : I use this in conjunction with the 'Better touch' app so I have it mapped for whatever application I'm using. Makes keywording in FCPX much faster, I can't edit with it though.
  8. Apple Bluetooth Keyboard : Does what it says :)
  9. Fuji X30 : This camera has really suprised me. I thought it would just act as a nice zoom backup but it's become more than that and rivals my X100S for a place in my bag now. As with all the recent X Series cameras by Fuji, I love the wifi capability and transferring images straight to my phone.
  10. Moleskine Evernote Notebook : I'm a premium user of Evernote to organise projects, things I like and personal stuff too. This notebook lets me take a photo of a page I've scribbled on and Evernote can see the letters and words so it is fully searchable on all my devices. Geeky as hell, but, still pretty cool ;)
  11. Fisher Bullet Space Pen : This writes like nothing I've ever written with, any angle, upside down (yes I've tried). It's my favourite pen...Yes...I have a favourite pen.

Not numbered, Macbook Pro 15" Retina.