Friday 3rd October

Wake up early again. I grab my laptop and email from my bed for a few hours before heading down for breakfast. At breakfast Con’s Dad Simon joins me and we chat about the tour and some other stuff and then I head back up to pack away all the gear that’s going back to the hire company this morning and then get back into bed to answer more emails and send a few new ones out about the live DVD shoot on Sunday night. I get showered and then get into some editing. Looking mainly at what was shot yesterday. I take a break around 1 to compile a list of hard drives, a RAID drive and some software so that in my downtime around Christmas I can properly archive , store and of course backup my data.

At 3 I get a call from Fin telling me everyone's ready for me to film and then take some photos that are scheduled in for today at the hotel. We run through the videos and then the pics super fast and I'm back in my room by 430, at 5pm the videos are ingested, keyworded, edited, graded, sound design complete and compressed ready to send. By 530pm the photos are also edited and uploaded via WeTransfer to the record label. I jump back into FCPX and load up my full show footage from Glasgow and then dump that on Dom's (the lighting guy) USB stick he gave me so he can make some tweaks to the lighting ready for Sunday night. While that’s going on I prep batteries for tomorrow and fire off a few final emails for the day before shutting down and having an evening off to refresh.