Saturday 4th October

Wake up early again, starving as I didn't really eat last night, so I text McVey, he texts back saying he’s ready in 3 minutes, which he will be, we are very similar in our time keeping habits. At breakfast I go for the waffles and bacon, which are incredible. I feel guilt , momentarily, for eating bad as I watch James quaff another carb free , taste free meal. Breakfast down I head back to my room and check my Ninja Star and camera batteries are charged and pack my bag ready for the show tonight. We are shooting two angles for the live DVD, mainly as backup and also because I want to get another angle of Brad. Once i’m packed I jump back into bed and answer emails, send some fresh ones out and mainly go over everything for tomorrow with my Producer.

We get to Liverpool around 330pm. On the hours drive I beat Brad and James at FIFA, they both sulk it off a bit. I dump my gear in my Video Production room and go take a look at the arena. Then I go speak to the side screen controllers, they need a few things from me to get everything together ready for 630pm when the screens come on, I get what they need, eat and then chill.

The show is great, we have a test run of the Pyro we are having for the DVD shoot tomorrow night in Birmingham, and apart from one batch not firing at all it all seems pretty good. I pin Brad down all set. He’s both fun and difficult to film, when he’s off guitar he’s all over the place but it helps massively that i’ve worked with the band for two years, he only manages to lose me once. Happy with the footage and now back at the hotel i’m guessing I won’t sleep much tonight, tomorrow is a massive day, lots of pressure, but i’m excited.