Thursday 30th September

Up to meet James for breakfast. I opt for a healthy choice and go for porridge made with water and mixed berries as my topping. Partly chosen as there is so much choice and I don't know what I want. We chat about the day, make a change to the filming schedule for the live DVD intro I want to finish over the next two days and then head back to our rooms. I set about backing up my iPhone as my new one arrives any day, while that goes on I sit down and pen some notes and a shot list for the intro while I lay on the bed. I then email my producer asking if she can change the camera hire day for me and re read through my shot list, regularly closing my eyes seeing the cut of the edit in my head and make a couple changes , adding in extra shots incase others don't work.

I get a new diary emailed through from management which I forward straight to my Evernote account for later viewing. I also open up Evernote camera and photograph the notes I've made on the intro. As I use a Moleskine Evernote notebook it means I can then store my notes on my apple devices and search them by word from my own handwriting which is pretty cool and keeps me organised. I run an update on my editing software for videos (FCPX), grab my new tablet glove (I've started to wear away my hand where it rests while i work, plus this helps with movements over the tablets sensor pad) and get into some heavy editing for the next 4 hours. I break from editing and draw up my camera positions for the Live DVD, then decide which camera ops will be on which camera and then write up some show notes that I can give to each of them when they arrive on the day. I jump back into the edit and then just as i’m about to get into a screen cut for the tour I get an email from America asking for a video in a different format. As i’ve started, I don’t jump straight out of what i’m already engrossed in, so I utilise FCPX’s ‘To-Do’ marker option and go about spending 30 minutes setting all my edit notes down so when I come back I won’t have forgotten what i’d started. I encode the new format and send that to the US, then jump straight back into the screen edit which i’ll finish tomorrow morning.