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My not so secret diary

Thursday 9th October

Grab breakfast, shower and jump on the bus to Cheltenham. It's around a 3 hour journey which goes quickly as I mix it up with some editing, emails, a nap and of course some FIFA. When we arrive me James and Con go to catering and then I go back to the bus to setup for some ADR's (Additional Dialogue Recordings) with my new Röde USB mic. After soundcheck Fin sends them all my way and I get them to do multiple takes each from my script. They do one or two straight from it and then a few they ad-lib'd themselves. It's great doing this in FCPX as I just open up the project and show them what the dialogue is for and what visual it is going with, hit record and then audition all the clips so I can choose later, all the recordings are just sat in one file neatly below the video. That done I carry on doing some more editing.

About an hour later I get an email through from Heba the producer of the DVD to let me know there are some edits to check from our Executive editor Jon. I watch them back make some notes and fire a quick email back. I also email back notes on the DVD menus, set list and more DVD authoring info before its show time. I photograph some of the set tonight and get some good stuff, I'll concentrate more on live and backstage photos towards the end of the tour but tonight gives me a good feel for where's good and not so good regarding the light show. We head back to London, me and James play some FIFA, then I edit in my bunk for a bit before falling asleep and then arriving at the hotel around 2am where I crash straight into bed (after a quick selfie of course).

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