Tuesday 7th October

I get up around 9am, grab some tea and hit the emails. I catch up on a bunch i’d had to put aside as i’d been too busy to reply which is nice, I don't like leaving people waiting. That done I shower, grab coffee and then setup my edit suite to go about starting the edit on the DVD trailer. Around 12pm I have the first minute in my timeline, I grab some more tea and write some scripts for the boys to voice over tomorrow in Brighton at the venue. That done i’m itching to look through some footage from last night’s shoot so I load up the hard drive and get to work. I change the folder structure to suit my own workflow and go about converting the MXF C300 files to ProRes as FCPX doesn't like them in their native state.

Because of the screen problem we had last night, I go about arranging a reshoot of the main wide angle tomorrow. First thing I do is contact our head of production Iain to check if the stage will be the same. He replies straight away saying ‘almost’, that’s good enough for me, I figure people won’t mind if one angle isn’t from Birmingham! It’s better than watching an LCD screen glitch for 6 songs. Next, I ring the guys and tell them they need their DVD clothes for the show. When I get hold of Brad we hit a problem, he's is at his parents house about 200 miles from Brighton, so I call All Saints and track his shirt down, saving one in a shop in London which is near where Joe lives so he can grab it before leaving tomorrow. I’m still converting files around midnight, but i’m almost asleep at my desk so I hit the hay after reading for a bit.