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Wednesday 22nd October

Slept in till 9am which is pretty late for me at the minute. Kettle on, computer on, make some porridge and I sit and edit in my PJ's till around 12pm. The DVD trailer edit is ready and it includes some ADR (additional dialogue recordings) from me. As you can see from the photo I'm using the Rode NT-USB mic , which is so good coupled with FCPX's voice over tool. Once I get my parts done I add a walkie  talkie effect and add some bit compressor to my voice too. I render a master file (incase anyone needs a prores) and the YouTube H.264 file so it's ready on the bands channel for when I get the nod to set it live.

The Rode NT-USB , quality, as usual is brilliant from Rode

The Rode NT-USB , quality, as usual is brilliant from Rode

As that compresses and uploads I get delivery of the final edit of the DVD to watch so I make some tea and sit on my bed to watch the DVD back again.  I get into the DVD, which after watching it around 10 times in a week is suprising! That done, I check emails and am asked to make a few changes to the trailer, mainly graphics changes, so I jump into the project, make those changes and then re-compress to upload to YouTube and kick out another Master incase. I often get asked what my workflow looks like considering how many different projects i'm working on at once, hopefully this screen grab of my folder template will give you an idea. Obviously many of the folder names only apply to FCPX editing and won't necessarily make sense for other editing platforms.

My folder structure template for new projects in FCPX

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