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My not so secret diary



Answer emails from bed before packing for the next three days of work. I have a new Lowepro bag, which is awesome, but means I need to really pack from scratch, i'm ready by 12 and am taken to the station to get the train. En route I watch back to back episodes of Game Of Thrones. For a moment I sit and smile, watching Con and Brad laugh together, I can tell they're being loud as I see other passengers look around to see what's going on, but I have real noise cancelling headphones in and they're incredibly good (see this post to see which ones I'm talking about) so I can't hear a thing :) We arrive in Liverpool, the band soundcheck and I take photo's, which i'm going to do for the day today. I eat with Joe in the hotel restaurant, we chat in general about next year. I have the moroccan chicken, it's great, Joe went for Steak and moaned about it, basically. Food down, we all head back to the arena, watch 5SOS who are great and then the boys play. I get a bunch of photo's i'm happy with, while i'm walking from stage to dressing room, I download one I like of Brad to my phone and post it on the bands instagram.

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