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My not so secret diary

40 Principales Awards Day

I wake up and head down for some breakfast. It doesn't go well. I don't feel great this morning and I don't feel up to sitting and trying to eat while fans are taking photo's / asking for pictures and asking me about the band. I don't mind usually, i'm just a bit grouchy with a sore throat and not enough sleep. I head back up to my room and order room service, which is amazing, some pancakes with a fruit filling and a nice hot tea with some honey. I go back to bed and write down christmas gift ideas and plan my editing diary for when we get home tomorrow. Around 1230pm me and James head out to get Pizza at a nearby restaurant, it's good as expected, I always find food in Spain to be a nice balance between what we get at home and the more continental ways of some of the rest of Europe. Around 530pm we all head to the awards show, the reception for the band on arrival is awesome and I get it all on camera. I film what I can thought the night but my access is limited, I can't film any of the bands performance unfortunately so send Tris on with the GoPro and ask Brad if he'll pick it up at some point and see if he can film anything. He forgets. I don't mind, he's not out there to film for me of course, but it would have been great to get something. Get back to the hotel around midnight, I crash straight away and fall asleep.

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