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My not so secret diary

Name Your Poison Son

'Name Your Poison' Hip Flask by P&Co

'Name Your Poison' Hip Flask by P&Co

Wake up around 7 AM, feeling pretty ill. Get up and go to my rescue remedy of peppermint tea and a hot bagel. Fire of the laptop and connect an old drive to start moving more video files from the past few years to external backup devices. To do this I'm using a pluggable docking station and sat 4 TB Western digital naked hard drives. My main drive which is a RAID drive by Pegasus contains everything from the past year ready for two end of year edits, currently on my desk there are 16 hard drives. Around 11 I get an early Christmas present from P&Co so I take a break grab some coffee and chill for a bit while I look through the goodies.

By 12 PM I've wrapped Christmas presents and I'm ready to start loading in more video files. Get a text from Brad with a photo and a message that reads "do not post that anywhere, I look like a bum hole." Spend the rest of the day organising video files from the wanted and McFly tours. Soph brings in Salmon for me for tea, I cook that and some carbonara for the lady followed by some sticky toffee pudding which is obscenely good (props to M&S). Crash on the sofa and watch Harry Potter.