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My not so secret diary



Couldn’t sleep, so at 430am I took Night Nurse which meant I spent up until around 11am feeling very drowsy. Piled through the rest of my 'Pre 2014 Photography' backup and sorting. It's time consuming doing this but worth it in the long run, already enjoying my new workflow. I get an email from pocket, an app I use on all my mac devices, telling me i've read the equivalent of 11 books this year from saved articles and i'm in the top 5% users worldwide, it's a great app if you like collating things you like and/or reading stuff when you have time to. I grab a coffee and some shortbread and start on my pre 2014 video workflow. If i've finished this job by Monday i'll be happy. 

Took my standard break to play with the cat. Grabbed some tea, took the rubbish out, and answered a bunch of emails. Not drinking enough water, I used to have an app on my phone for that, can't remember what it was called, but feel like I might have to download it again. When I don't drink enough water my skin feels crap, And I generally feel less healthy. In the time I took to write this I drank a full pint of water, so however bored you are reading this at least I got some water out of it!

Around 7pm we head to my cousin Kerry's birthday party. I spend the night meeting family I haven't seen ,in some cases, for over a decade. It's a really nice night, good food, good company, and my new shoes are really comfy. We leave around 10 PM feeling tired and a bit under the weather .

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