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My not so secret diary



Unlovable. At this present time, with this cold, I'm pretty sure I am.

Medicated to the max and fuelled with coffee I work through the morning archiving and backing up. I'm now up to April of this year. Around 1 PM I head to Waitrose to pick up some lunch and dinner for tonight. 

Wrap presents for Mum and Craig (my younger brother) and one final present for Soph. Cook and eat the curry I brought earlier and then I setup my old iPad mini so Sophie can use it as I have the new Air 2 now. That done, I read for a bit before we head to Tesco to do our famous ‘Christmas food shop’ hopefully late enough that it’s not too busy, but early enough that there’s still plenty of treats still on the shelves.

Get back around 1130pm, the food shop is done, Christmas is real.

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