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My not so secret diary

Happy New Year


Frosty start. Not sure what these plants are in the garden but my hair is starting to resemble them.

Crack on with 2014 highlights video edit. I'm so into the edit that at 3 PM I realise I haven't eaten yet today. I stop for a break, make some tea and then go back to the edit. I spill my tea as I put it down, and it serves as a nice reminder as to why I always put my tea down on the left-hand side of my desk even though I am right-handed (the left hand side of my desk has nothing electrical on it). 

Some might say that planning for your own clumsiness is silly. Right now however I would beg to differ. Around 5:30PM The 2014 highlights video is ready so I send it to the band and management to see if any changes need to be made. 

At around 7PM the video goes live and I post it on the bands socials. Me and Soph settle down for a quiet New Years Eve, needing some rest and time to do nothing for a day at least. 

Happy New Year!