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My not so secret diary


Since I woke this morning I have done nothing but edited, stopping occasionally for a drink or to play with our cat Imogen for a few minutes. Been a really productive day though. Two videos edited and a bunch of stuff sorted for the next week. I'm a day late on linking to this new video I shot and edited in New York City recently. I shot the 'B Roll' purely incase I needed it on my 'time off' whilst on our recent trip out there. After I completed the first edit of the video, which was all performance, I was asked if I had any 'old shots of New York I could use' to make it feel a bit 'different'. One thing i've always believed in is to get more coverage than you need. That's why when the guys ask if i'm going out for dinner, or if I want to go see a film or maybe just go play volleyball or something, I 90% of the time can't, I want to, but I need to be filming, I need to be getting footage, I need the coverage. Anyway, i hope you enjoy the video...

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