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Had my hair done, well part one of two, by Sophie. 

Watched Homeland x6, next up is series 3.  

For some reason tonight I got 'emotional' about what I do for a living. I make things, in essence, and I am paid to do that. It's hard sometimes seeing 'edits' of your work with other people's names on them as 'Copyrights' as if they own the piece themsleves. It happens more and more. 

'Sharing without permission' and/or 'infringing copyright' seem a thing of the past. The internet doesn't care. Websites like Tumblr are a massive part of the reason. They are based on posting unoriginal authored works. That's an integral part of its system.

Its why I don't use that platform anymore.  

So, if I see a comment on my work that says 'This is so Tumblr', well, you can imagine how I feel about it.

In other news, I've started a Letterboxd account, so I/we can track what films I've been watching in 2015. 

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