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Pen and Paper


Answered emails and made some plans for the upcoming Australia trip in bed with tea and cold pizza. Joined by the cat shortly after I get stuck into it. At 11am TNT collect the duplicate Pegasus Apple sent me before Christmas, only taken two weeks for them to finally collect it. Would have taken and sent my self but didn't fancy sending a £2000 hard drive via Royal Mail. 

Sent more emails and a video file to Bogie in Manila (yes, Bogie). Discussed edit options on two videos and a possible third video on my edit agenda before we leave. 

Around 2pm my new iPhone 6 arrived to replace my iPhone 6 Plus. The 6 Plus has proven too big for me, especially my right wrist/thumb which has some kind of mobile phone strain injury now. The 6 plus is a great phone, I'll miss the screen size and battery life, but I want to use my phone one handed, so the 6 should be a better option.

Carried on organising till 6pm, ready now for an intense edit tomorrow.


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