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My not so secret diary

Relax your tongue


I wake up around 730, it's too early, I'm too early for today. Immediately my mind pulls into first gear, dentist. I hate going to the dentist, why anyone would not hate it baffles me. Chunks of metal pulling at the edges of what is more or less your skull, hands in and around your mouth, at least one 'stranger' staring down at you while your tongue dances and panics "relax your tongue please Mr Sherwood." How? How the hell do you relax your tongue!? 

It's 12pm and I'm sat in the waiting room. I've had X-Rays as I've been getting sensitive sensations at the back of my mouth near my wisdom tooth. I thought my one and only filling must have fell out or given up maybe, but no, it's worse than that. "You need your wisdom teeth taking out Mr Sherwood. It'll be painful because of how they're growing, you will need to be sedated and have some stitches most probably, but it's for the best."

Great. Where do I sign up.

I go home via the post office. Imogen is sat at the top of the stairs like a life companion waiting to hear the good or bad news. "Alright Moo?" (Yes, I talk to the cat, don't act like you don't), she walks off. I make tea, grab my camera and take the above photo. One shot. It's all I manage before the phone rings. I tell my Mum about my day so far, she cheers me up. Thanks Mum. Around 3 I go and see Rob at Kick Game UK, they sell rare trainers, mainly Nike's, he gives me a few pairs and a pair for Sophie. Retail therapy of the greatest kind. 

Back home, I do some editing till around 7pm before getting my hair thinned out (I have a lot of hair), getting a Chinese and watching more Homeland before bed.