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"We may hit a few lumps and bumps so I'd recommend keeping your seat belt fastened so if you catch some sleep we don't have to wake you." The Captain says, much like the last one did but in a much more proficient manor. I wake around 515am Sydney time and ask for some peppermint tea followed by muesli fruit and a croissant. 

As we come into land I grab a few photos of clouds. Is hard to get any good shots as I have a window in front of the two usual oblong plane windows giving me even more reflections and less clarity in the picture, but they're still worth grabbing.

First view of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House

First view of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House

We land in Sydney and get to our hotel, which is really nice. I unpack, organise my room how I want it and where my stuff is and then go across to the Vodafone store to grab a pre paid sim to go in my international phone so I can keep in touch, use maps and the internet without needing to sell my car when i get back home to pay the bill (I'm looking at you O2). I get back to my room , the sim wont activate, so I head back out to the shop again. Turns out the ‘unlocked iPhone 4S i grabbed off eBay last week isn’t so ‘unlocked’ at all. Thankfully the dude recognises my horror and suggests a sim to fit my iPhone 6 instead as that one is unlocked, which he does.

We head to Taronga Zoo as we have a day off and staying would probably mean falling asleep which won’t help. We grab the ‘ferry’ across to the Zoo, it’s really breezy and the deck is open to the elements, I fight wind and water to get some pics of the harbour as we leave it…

I film most of the tour (we got a special tour which is awesome) but grab photo’s whenever I can. With the side pockets on my backpack I can grab my X-T1 stills camera and fire off one handed shots whilst my C100 film camera stays in my other hand. I have to do that if I want to take photo’s theres no time to be putting my camera down, plus, if I did that i’d be rooted to that spot. Big thanks to all the staff at the zoo and the Emu/Giraffes that tried to eat my microphone cover! I get some great footage which I plan to edit tomorrow at some point and some photo’s, of course…

This little lady was in care at the zoo after recently being hit by a car.

This little lady was in care at the zoo after recently being hit by a car.

The view back from the zoo to the Harbour

The view back from the zoo to the Harbour

Back at the hotel I order room service, edit a few photos from the day and then fall asleep around 8pm.

At 1130pm I’m wide awake. Sign of things to come from Mr Jetlag.

All the travel photos from the plane are taken with my X100S, the zoo photo's and harbour photo's are all on my XT-1 and 56mm f/1.2 lens by Fuji.