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My not so secret diary


Normal person : "It's snowing, snow ball fight!" Me : "I could take a pretty cool photo of my new trainers!"

Normal person : "It's snowing, snow ball fight!"
Me : "I could take a pretty cool photo of my new trainers!"

Soph getting up wakes me around 7am. For a minute I contemplate more sleep but decide against it and start getting up. I grab my laptop, my journal, a cup of tea and then head back to bed. Im shortly joined by Imogen who wants a fuss, which she as always gets and then eventually she calms down and lays next to me, snoring in seconds. Around 10am I notice it's started snowing so I grab my X-T1 and get a few quick shots...

I grab some tea and then take a few shots of Imogen. She's just woke up, so all big eyed and 'yawn'. I pop these two shots off of her, two very different photo's but I love them both.


Just before 11am I head out to the post office to pick up my X100S that I missed whilst at the dentist yesterday. I only sent it to Fuji Wednesday, so they literally turned it around same day and sent it back. It was a minor issue, but thats the kind of service that will likely see me a lifetime customer. I didn't expect to have it with me in my bag for the Australia trip, but I'm so happy it will be. 

Back home I begin to pack. First I open up my two checklists in Evernote, one for 'gear' and one for my clothes and other stuff. If you read the diary regularly you'll know I like to be organised, I'm also forgetful at the best of times, so these pre planned checklists make me a little calmer about travelling around the world. I finish around 4pm. 

On my way to the airport my driver offers me a free meal in return for a tweet about his new restaurant, which I do. To be honest, I would have anyway. He's a nice guy, and not only that he has a dream and he's very passionate about it. I like that in people. I can relate to him wanting to do what he loves. He's been a driver for 10 years and he's ready to really dedicate his time and effort into his own project. I tell him i'll get in touch when I'm back from the trip and that i'd pay anyway based on him just being a good guy. He tells me I wont be paying. 

At the airport it's great to see everyone again. Its been a month since we've all been together. Smiles and hugs all round. We all catch up and check in, as we're first we're through to the lounge in no time. I opt against Champagne and have a dry white wine and two waters, I'm desperate to beat jet lag, or at least not let it slay me to the ground like it usually does, and I've been told (by Soph) and read that water is the key. I pop out and see if I can pick up a bluetooth keyboard for my iPad and pick up a Logitech 'Keys-To-Go' which was (sadly, yes I know, I'm a full time geek!) on my wish list. Its wicked, as soon as I set it up I love it. 

So, First Class. Ive flown upper and business with Virgin and Delta, but this is my first taste of First and it's just brilliant. Here's some notes/thoughts throughout my flight (heck, its a long flight to Sydney, I have time!)

1. Space. I have so much space.
2. How the hell do I open the window blind? Oh...

3. I have a wardrobe!
4. 2 USB ports and a plug, even if it doesnt need charging, im charging it. 
5. Free magazines, awesome, and yes they have GQ. Double yes, its the episode Brad is picked as 6th worst dressed male (which is ridiculous, god knws who or how they do these things, but in a way thanks, I can poke some fun his way that he apparently has a worse dress sense than the founder of Stagecoach. No disrespct to that dude, it's just a funny thought.)
6. I dont have a screen, I literally have a TV.

7. The staff are very nice and all are starting each question with "Mr Sherwood..."
8. The paper on the menu is thick.

9. The fold out 'tray' is a table, its almost as big as my dining table at home.
10. The food is 'ok' I have the spicy pancake starter followed by Chicken Pad Thai for my main course. The sauce is too sweet.
11. I like the rose in the bathroom.
12. I like having my bed made for me too.
13. Brad spots I have a hair bobble in and asks if I have a spare, I do.
14. Hear a stewardess answer "is travelling the reason you do this?" With a quick yes, followed by "and getting paid"... Then "and of course meeting lovely people like yourself sir." As she remembered her training at the last minute. 
15. I am brought my wash bag, its a nice touch.

16. Fall asleep around 1230am GMT.