Filmmaker & Photographer London, UK


My not so secret diary



Spent the morning starting an edit for a music video. At 11 my new iPad case arrives from Mujjo (photographed above, it's awesome).

At about 1 PM I get a call from the delivery driver saying he is delivering my wardrobe and is lost. A few phone calls later the wardrobe finally arrives, flat packed of course. I charge my drill, get everything out of the boxes, order and gather all the screws etc together and then get back into some editing.

Upload some photos to my new 'Portraits' section (lots more to add soon). Around 6PM we begin the wardrobe building. 

We soon realise we have a problem, it's bigger in width than the area we need to build it in and we can't get it in the room if we build it elsewhere, which leads to dismantling the desk so we have more room. We stop around 10pm, both tired from lifting and moving it more than you should need to. At one point I had to reach one handed and grab the drill box to slide it along the floor to Soph so she could put her end of the wardrobe down on something without trapping her hands, I felt like Liam Neeson in Taken. 

1010PM crawl into bed. We just need to make and put the sliding doors on tomorrow, phew.