Filmmaker & Photographer London, UK


My not so secret diary


Get back to sleep around 130am after updating the diary. 

Wake up around 6am, jump out of bed, check phone, notice everyone is awake as the group chat is flowing with breakfast times and plans for the day. I reply to an email regarding a photo shoot for a Japanese magazine and then head up to the 22nd floor to have a swim. It’s an infinity pool and the sun is rising. I think about a scene from one of my favourite films (this one and Bill Murray’s line “It’s a cool pool isn’t it.” I briefly feel like a film star up here, like Bill in the film (It’s Lost In Translation by the way), just no chance encounter with a stranger, thankfully. It makes me smile and consider that just for this moment perhaps jet lag isn’t so bad after all. I’m sure my thoughts will change later in the day.

I go join everyone for breakfast downstairs opting for Bircher Muesli , some granola and fruit. Back in my room I make some notes regarding todays shoot, read emails and catch up with some reading on my iPad. Around 915am I go to the desk and start pulling together plans and ideas for today, inspiration comes back to me and I start drawing together a shot list. As we don’t have long and are shooting in public places mainly, I need to work quick, so I prep everything from gear/what i’ll have with me right through to the style of shots I want. 

Once I’ve got a few notes down I head out to the local park to do a quick recce and take photos on my iPhone for reference of locations I want to shoot at. 

I get stuck into some editing of the Taronga Zoo video that I want to finish today if I can and then around 230pm Joe texts me to let me know the shoot needs to be moved forward to 3pm, so I get ready, grab my cameras and head out to meet everyone.

The shoot is quite tough, in a busy city park and the guys get attention. It’s hard for them to concentrate but it goes well and once I see the shots back at the hotel i’m happy, here’s an outtake from the shoot. I really like this photo, it sums up the shoot nicely :)

Around 7, mid edit, I completely crash. My mind and body just give up. So I leave the editing and lay down to grab a power nap, then hit the shower and get back to the edit. I can’t bring myself to eat, I feel sick from tiredness and my concentration is all over the place. Suprising myself, I fight through it and finish the edit around 930pm. I upload and send to everyone to watch and wait to find out when I need to set it live. I haven’t eaten in 10 hours and I’m not even hungry so make a cup of tea and go to bed in hope of a long long sleep.