Filmmaker & Photographer London, UK


My not so secret diary


Woken up at 530am by a thunder storm (see below, check out the electric blinds). I get a cup of tea and go back to bed to read a bit before meeting James for breakfast at 630am. I eat a lot, I hadn’t eaten for almost 19 hours. We chat about his wrist and his concerns for the shows that are coming up and then go back to our rooms. I tidy up a bit (my room wasn’t messy to most, infact to most it would have looked tidy already, but my OCD kicks in every morning and I have to regain that kind of calmness inside I like to have before I start to edit/work by getting everything where I need it). I put the Taronga Zoo video live around 830 am (watch here). It’s the first in a lot of videos on this trip, at least one from each location we visit, plans are that the bands youtube will be updated a LOT this year. That done I wash, get a coffee and run a clean on my mac to get it back to lightning speed again. I backup some files and then go about starting converting all the tour screens into NTSC format ready for the Manilla show. 

Around 3 I stop and decide to go grab some GV’s for the main Sydney video. I get some nice shots, it’s hot today, it’s nice feeling the sun again. I walk back, get a shower and then finish another screen before heading back out for a longer walk and more video plus some photo’s (above and below). Street photography isn’t really my thing but there’s a couple that I like, I always remember reading this quote from Martin Parr “I print out maybe 10,000 photos a year, if there’s 10 good ones, it’s been a good year.” On that basis maybe I didn’t get one of my 10 today. 

I get back to the hotel, James texts asking if i’d like to eat asap, which is fine for me, both tired, we eat in about 15 minutes and then head back to our rooms. I finish another video then rock the iPad in bed reading a few emails, making notes for my jobs to do tomorrow and chilling for a bit before sleep.