Filmmaker & Photographer London, UK


My not so secret diary


Up about 30 mins before my alarm around 5am. I slowly get up, shower, make some tea and get dressed. I grab my bag, an apple and my main film camera before heading downstairs to meet everyone before setting off for Sunrise (both the actual sunrise and the Australian morning show 'Sunrise'). I film and take photos. It's nice seeing some of my footage from the zoo video a few days ago shown on TV too. 

Next we arrive at the record label where the band are doing press for a few hours. I take photo's mainly and then film some videos for instagram. The view from up here is pretty cool so I grab a photo and film some more b-roll footage for the video too. While i'm on the balcony I here some screaming from below. It's some fans, so I grab  quick photo of them as well as the angle from 8 floors high looks pretty cool with the shards of light spilling into the street (see above).

The promo continues, I get emails asking for more videos and also to get a bunch of exclusive photo's to be used on social media by other people who support the band. I reel off photos for the next hour while the boys do various TV, phone interviews and ... food tasting.

Next we head to do some radio, which I film bits of and then head back to the hotel. It's only 230pm but i'm exhausted. I head to bed, to rest for a bit, consciously not letting myself sleep. I get up around 3pm, shower again to wake myself up and then edit photos and videos till 630pm as we have a meeting over dinner in the restaurant. I leave once all is wrapped on the meeting as I need to carry on editing. Back in the room I finish edits, send them to various people who need them, charge batteries, put my comfy clothes on and read for a bit before sleep.