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My not so secret diary



p around 6am I make a change to the Melbourne video and then re upload it for approval. I had out into Brisbane to film some b roll. I get about a mile from the hotel and notice I have a lens problem, so have to head back, one of the seals has broken meaning the inside of thens is steaming up in the 40 degree heat. Brisbane is lovely though so I enjoy the walk regardless. Back at base I edit some photos from the past few days and then meet Lyn, a family member who none of of us have seen in 40 years. Obviously I've never met her, so its a big deal for both of us. She reminisces about times with my Mum and other family and shows me some pictures, quite emotional, lovely to meet her. I update the diary, its a real effort to put a video every 48 hours and keep up to date with my writing, but worth it. Around 12pm I set the video live and then order some lunch, I crash on the bed, tired. 

The venue is outdoors, it's really nice. I film lots and can tell my edit is going to be fun there seems to be more happening today. We almost get a sighting of a python and unfortunately for one fan, during the show, she was bitten by a snake, I hope shes ok. The show is great, I mix it up by shooting some 100fps slow mo on my A7S for the edit of Somebody To You.