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I get up, purposely, at 5am. I really want to read as i'm missing reading, it relaxes me and i often find I end up drifting off into some creative mystery land when I read, it helps me work as well. Around 6 I had up to the 24th floor for a swim and jacuzzi before sitting out on the balcony to make some notes on the day ahead and reply to some emails. I shower and head for breakfast with James around 730am.

By 9am Ive got the photo's I took for Japan Rock magazine finished and sent to the record label, looking forward to seeing them in print, there' one I took of Brad in my hotel room thats a particular favourite and I'm really pleased they picked it from the proofs I sent. I quickly grab a coffee and start editing the Sydney video. The plan is to get edited up to the show part of the video so tomorrow morning I can finish it as I'm guessing tonight i'll be too tired. Around 12 I'm happy with where I'm at with the edit, I pack and we head off for the first show of the 2015 World Tour in Sydney.