Filmmaker & Photographer London, UK


My not so secret diary



Wake up at 4am from a nightmare. As I remember, I'd just told a famous singer he was terminally ill and the whole of twitter hated me for it. As I woke, for that split second where you are unsure whether you are even alive let alone conscious, I was panicking because it was a Thursday and if I wake up from a nightmare on a  Thursday it comes true. Random, irrational and strange to say the least! I fall back to sleep till my 5:55am alarm goes off. I'm up to go to a nearby cafe that opens super early and has, according to internet reviews, 'super fast wifi'. By 7am i'm back in bed, the video link is sent to the people that need it and I'm falling back to sleep. 

I get up again around 8am and head for breakfast, followed by a walk around Adelaide to shoot some b roll for the video. My first stop, Victoria Square, is under construction, so I head to plan B, the Botanic Gardens. I get some footage and head back to the hotel where I edit more photos and update [this] the diary. I make some plans for the Perth video and then pack ready for the venue. 


It's one of those days I've been expecting, not a lot happening, and when you shoot documentary style videos, it happens and you cant force it. Brad and Con are recording new music, so I grab a bit of Brad recording guitar, and then go to see what the others up to. James is sun searching so he can 'bask' and Tris is going into physio.

The show is great, again. Good crowd, we get back to the hotel where I pack and passout on the bed.