Filmmaker & Photographer London, UK


My not so secret diary


Alarm wakes me at 730am. I wake up delirious, not knowing where I am and panic for about 2 seconds before realising I haven't been kidnapped, must have been dreaming. I get an uber and head into central Melbourne by The Crown Casino to film some b-roll footage of the city. It's beautiful and instantly i'm in love with this city. I walk around grabbing shots before stopping for a coffee on DeGraves Street. Its a cafe hotspot. The small street is packed with people. I finally find a small place (pictured below) and have a latte, the coffee is, like everywhere here it seems, tasty.

I get back to the hotel, eat some poached eggs on toast and then head to the airport. this time we don't even go to the lounge, we arrive and go straight from the car to the plane, it's a pretty odd experience, but nice to miss out the airport security/check in cues again. 

On the plane I watch the Sonic Highways documentary made by the Foo Fighters. Brad told me to watch and he's right its brilliant. The flight 'fly's by' (sorry) , we get off the plane and are driven straight to the hotel. I get straight on with some editing, my bags arrive around 30 minutes later so I unpack and sort my room out before hitting the edit again. James asks if I want to go see a film tonight, which I do, but I cant as I need to work. Everyone has gone paint-balling so I feel extra bad I cant go with him as he's on his own. We decide to meet and go for food around 630pm. The food is great, we eat not far from the hotel and then walk back, its boiling in Brisbane. Back at the hotel I edit till around 11pm and then upload the finished video for everyone to see so it can go live tomorrow morning. I take the iPad to bed but dont manage even unlocking the screen as i'm too tired to read.