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About a week ago I had the difficult task of filming the band at their hotel. I wouldn't normally say that. I mean there's always things to overcome, but they are usually the same and easily dealt with so I can move forward and achieve what I/we want to. This was different. Four hours to shoot an enormous list of press videos, recordings for radio stations and make the bands new promo pack to be sent to each countries record label around the world to ready them for promoting the bands new album. Add to that list two In Bed With Brad episodes..and...somehow...shoot a lyric video.

I was ready, prepared with ideas for everything, but as sometimes happens with a band on such a tight schedule, those plans have to change on the spot, and that's what happened with the new video for Cheater, a track from the boys' new album. My initial treatment would take around two hours. I ended up having 25 minutes. So I setup the tripod, got my angle fixed and we shot 5, yes, just 5 takes of the band performing to the camera in both double speed (so when the video is slowed down it syncs to the song). and half speed (so when it is sped up it syncs to the song), and that was it. A lyric video (which band, record label and management liked so much they didn't want lyrics adding in the end) shot in 25 minutes, making the most of the little time we had, keeping it light hearted and letting the boys just 'be themselves'. I like it, it's a bit of fun and in the time we had we did well to shoot anything that was going to be useable in reality! To light I was holding my new Westcott Ice Light held in one hand whilst manually focussing the lens with the other, here's the video...

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