me filming

Have spent all of today, well 95%, maybe 94%... keywording and selecting in and out points in FCPX ready for editing the behind the scenes for the new Rest Your Love music video tomorrow[^1] . Before I edit, that is start to build my story in the timeline, I have a meticulous workflow in the browser window for every video I work on. It goes a little like this :

  • Transcode my files to proxy. Especially if I'm working with 4K footage.
  • Keyword, and make a note of my keywords in a notebook[^2] as I go.
  • Favourite, gives the clip a green line in the browser, I can then constantly check my favourite pieces are all making it into the edit.
  • Finish the puzzle, which basically means I write down the order of my keywords in to a 'storyline', more often than not a chronology, but sometimes I mix it up.
  • String Out, but more than that, after all that prep before this stage, more often than not this is my rough cut.

The other 5 (or 6, yes I remember) percent of the day was spent setting up my new 6S Plus. I've gone back to the bigger screen, I just love seeing videos and images bigger, I can't help myself, it's just the way I am. I've also been reading some of my followers tweets about the DVD's and it makes me really happy to know people are enjoying it that much they take the time to tweet me, it means an awful lot. I guess that would mean, if my maths are correct (spot the irony), that my day consisted of me spending over 100% of my time doing something. Which to be honest, is just a normal day right now. By the way, I miss being behind the camera, hence the chosen picture for this post :)

[^1]: The video will be released next week. I'm just editing it tomorrow.

[^2]: Always made by either Field Notes or Baron Fig if you're interested.