Hello Wemo

On set with Tris Chatting to Tris on set of the Rest Your Love Music Video.

Like most days at home it starts with a bullet proof coffee. I jump straight in to my emails to see if I have anything urgent to attend to and then fire up FCPX to begin editing the behind the scenes video for Rest Your Love. The photo above shows me on set talking Tris through something, I don't remember what, most likely knowing us it was irrelevant to the actual shoot.

Tris looking good, or bad should I say The contortionist edit screenshot From top to bottom, Tris looking good, or is it bad! The contortonist 'warming up' and a screenshot from the edit today

As you can see above, the keywording is quite methodical. After those are all in place I write down a timeline by keyword in my notebook and then check it off as I work. Sometimes it changes, but more often than not I can work out the flow in my head before I even put my hand on my mouse, or graphics pen. The edit went well, but it's going to need stripping back for YouTube, so i'll work on it tomorrow as well for a bit.

Spent the evening setting up my first Wemo switch, check them out if you have your own place, or, fancy playing a trick on your parents in the middle of the night maybe! It works while i'm at home, I just need to test it while i'm away, if it works it's pretty sweet.

Once again, more messages of thanks and enjoyment on twitter from fans of the band who have seen the DVD's, here's a few of my favourite messages, thanks a bunch guys, it means a lot!

Twitter favourites Photos of the DVD inlays

Those twitter screengrabs were put together using the Longscreen app and I am now using markdown in 1Writer to write my blog posts on my phone and iPad. All syncing is via Dropbox.