The Snug

Todays epic breakfast Pretty awesome breakfast in The Snug, St. Albans today

Bit of a lie in followed by a trip to St. Albans with Soph to see the Christmas Market and then gulp down a Full English in a really nice pub called The Snug. Soph purchased an early Christmas present for me, some Jack Wills pyjama bottoms, i'm in them now whilst typing this, well I have been since we returned home.

Spent the afternoon editing the behind the scenes video for the RYL music video. It's pretty funny, Brad in wardrobe is worth watching alone for 'LOLs'.

Brad in wardrobe Brad trying on leather jackets for the video shoot is feat. in the behind the scenes.

More feedback on the DVD's today, like i've said before I really appreciate reading them, so thank you all, again...

More feedback on the DVDs

I have an app, if you didnt know, on iOS (coming to Android soon), it basically feeds my blog through it, try it and let me know what you think.

my app on the app store

We have just released the video from the GB Fanfest leg of that tour showing footage from Manchester, Glasgow & Birmingham. Unfortunately we couldn't film in London due to fees the O2 impose on anyone playing there. We did shoot this video back stage that day though. Anyway, you can see the video below, hope you enjoy it. They weren't easy to film at as we were never anywhere for very long and if we were the boys tended to be in press constantly. I'm looking forward to travelling again and having more freedom to film and just more options to build the stories, anyway... enough reading!