Nebula versus Brad

Up to an early alarm after a restless night's sleep. Straight into prep mode making sure everything is charged ready for filming in Leeds later today. Cup of tea followed by finishing the first cut of the behind the scenes video for this video. Once that has uploaded to a secure page for viewing I email the team and get ready to leave for the station.

Train to Euston -> Tube to Kings Cross -> Train to Leeds

On the train to Leeds I have an informal 'meeting' with Joe about the up and coming video releases and videos that will be filmed. Everything needs to be completed by Christmas as I will then be AWOL from Vamps work for 10 days whilst I concentrate on something else.

Once we arrive in Leeds I unpack and rig up my cameras, I have three with me today and Brad tells me I might be over-doing it with my choices, but there are reasons to my madness. My FS7 is my main camera, I shoot with this all the time except if I need to shoot in dark conditions, then my A7SII takes over, it is the undefeated champion of low light at the moment, an incredible camera, you can literally turn night into day with it and still get a beautiflly clean image. The other time I won't use my FS7 is if I want a walking shot, and for the past two years i've been out of options on this front. Now I have added the awesome tiny RX100 MKIV to my bag I have been able to accomplish this missing camera move. To do it I purchased a Nebula 4000. Anyway, back to Brad... He, and it's a common thing that either Connor or Brad to do this, came over to have a play once the cameras were ready, here's a screen grab of Brad's 'epic' filming using the Nebula...

Brads great filming today

...and here's a nice little screengrab of James with probably today's youngest fan.

James with young fan

Once we'd finished the signing I loaded up footage from the day onto my portable SSD Drive and then wrote [this] before arriving back home.