What does 12TB look like?

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Early morning colour grade in the suite on my iMac using FCPX and Denver RIddle's excellent Color Finale plugin (the plugin is the floating window in the screenshot below). Grade took around 3 hours, quite long as it's the first time i've balanced my new Sony A7SII camera to my FS7. Once all the shots are balanced (using both waveforms and vector scopes) I add my LUT of choice, in this and nearly all cases it's the superb range created by James Miller.

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Once the grade is finished I run back through the edit a few times checking audio on my Bose Companion Speakers and making sure I haven't missed anything. Usually i'll go do some other jobs and come back to an edit (if I have time) with a coffee a bit later in the day as that break from seeing it can often open your eyes to something new you have missed.

Alt text Backups are on these 4TB Naked drives that connect via these USB drive bays.

Once the video is uploaded (in UHD 4K) I run an important backup totalling just over 12TB in size, send some emails, reschedule some edits and plan for tomorrow's photo backup and reshuffle to my main edit drive (Promise Pegasus) drive ready for sending options for the 2016 tour booklet.

At 8pm the video goes live and here it is. Tried to make this as much about the boys as possible, there was a lot going on on-set and it's not easy to get good audio and with all the crew and extras it soon gets cramped so I try to get the moments in wardrobe and any moments more closed off from the set, which I hope works well in the edit...