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Packed, all day. Took longer as I needed to consolidate into one larger case rather than having two bags for the hold. Heavy duty 'velcro'd' my extension sockets/cables and all battery packs into the bottom of my case (I'll show you what that looks like in a few days) first then went through my packing checklist for each camera and everything else using Clear on my iPhone. I don't like forgetting things and there's a lot to remember. Featured below are my new Mod Laptop and Tech Dopp cases by This Is Ground. They deserve there own blog post, coming soon.

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Travelled up to the hotel to meet everyone else, edited on the train, a 2 hour 30 minute journey felt like 10 minutes. DIdn't stop for a drink. A coughing fit therefore happened in the taxi. Always embarrassing. My driver asked what I did for a living. After I'd told him his only comment was "The Vamps sounds like a name for a girl band."

Got to the hotel, set up at the desk (see top photo) and finished the grade on my earlier edit. One Fanfest video left which I'm hoping I'll edit on the plane tomorrow, if not, it'll be when I arrive in America, either way, tomorrow I've officially 'caught up', just in time for more shooting and editing to begin.

The wheels keep on turning.