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My not so secret diary


Wake around 7am on the bus. Hungry. Grab some honey nut loops and then switch to the back lounge to shoot some morning sunrise scenes, bus is pretty bumpy but I get enough to be able to use it at the start of today's video. To steady the camera I use one of my bags as a point of contact, it does the trick.

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The tour bus

Once we arrived at our hotel for day rooms I grabbed a shower and then headed down for breakfast with James and opted for a chill out by the fire place in the lobby to catch up with some reading on my iPad, and finalise today's shot list.

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We drive for about 90 minutes to Albany as the boys have an in store signing there. En route we stop at a McDonalds. I like too much on the menu at McDonalds and though eating it is a rarity, when I do I panic over my order as in reality I would quite like some sort of taster option, basically I want everything equally. I opt for a cheeseburger, strawberry milkshake and apple pie.

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After that, and for the remainder of the journey I fall asleep until we arrive at the Mall. The signing is cool, and as we have a bit of time we have a walk round the shopping centre too. Back in Poughkeepsie we arrive at the venue for tonight's show and immediately head to a nearby restaurant. I pick the bolognese but am then told by the waiter that the '50/50' burger is award winning, and for two years no less. This news leaves me no option but to go for the burger, and it's good. To follow James convinces me, Brad and Fin to join him and go for a warm blondie, which is pretty much a brownie but made with white chocolate. It's mind blowing. It also renders me useless, which is fine as everyone is sleepy and not doing much on the bus, so I take the opportunity to recharge with a 30 minute nap.

Alt text The Millhouse in Poughkeepsie, definitely worth a visit.

Alt text ...and if you do, get the 50/50 burger

Kind of a slow day filming wise with not a lot going on but it's another great show. Straight after, I setup on the bus and start to transcode footage from the day before heading to bed for a few hours in my bunk.

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