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Woke at 730, which is a good sleep considering the time-zone change. Head down to breakfast for some fruit, a bagel, and yoghurt. I'm first served by a lady in an American football shirt, then by a gentleman in a bow tie and suit, must be non-uniform day. I also manage, to my bemusement, to have a great cup of tea, which is probably my last here already. One thing I can never get in America, in restaurants, is semi skimmed milk and a good tea bag. Good start to the day!

Alt text Ive never seen this flavour Philadelphia cheese spread before...

The tea experience was so good I asked for more. Two waitresses also said they liked my t-shirt, can't think why...


Went back to bed and rocked the iPad, answering emails and adding items to my task manager. One of them being a shot list for the day. It doesn't contain things like 'Film the venue', it is more for video specific stuff like "ASk Brad to talk through set list.". I create a checklist and will refer to it and add to it throughout the day. I film a 'fly on the wall' documentary style, but I also need to plan ahead and try to add some content which isn't purely natural otherwise a lot of the time there wouldn't be enough footage. I might be working with the band all the time, but there are sections of our days together when I have to respect they just want to chill and not have cameras in their face! I find that hard at times, but I've learned that if I'm organised I can still get what I need and more. Sometimes it might not be possible for reasons out of my control. Meetings get scheduled, meet and greets added, press booked in, photo shoots arranged and more, and i've had many occasions when I'm prepared and ready to shoot and ended up with nothing I wanted or planned, and that's just part of the job, you just have to accept it.

I head to Starbucks in the nearby Mall when I'm told there's a skywalk to it on floor 2 of the hotel, you gotta love America. 1) for calling a bridge a 'Skywalk', much cooler, and 2) for even thinking of making such a thing from a hotel. I go for the Christmas spice flat white, which is nice. I'd drink it again, but won't miss it when it's off the menu. Once back in my hotel room I sort my rig for the day, pack and then we head to the venue.

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Santa is on tour in Baltimore

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Hotel Sywalk to the Mall

Once we arrived James, Con, Joe and I tried to find somewhere to get some food. It turned into a rubbish road trip movie getting taken by University students and staff around the campus to find out elusive essentials. In the end we ate in the campus diner and then were given a ride back to the venue, so many friendly people, so many people amazed at the way we sound when we speak as well.

I mic Brad up for sound check and he gives me loads to work with which is great. I only need to prompt him a few times, I'm looking forward to the edit already at this point. The show is really good, the boys played great, the crowd were up for it and Brad ventured out into the arena during Rest Your Love.

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James giving it everything

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Brad out in the crowd, both photo's taken with my Fuji X-T1 and 23mm F/1.4 lens

After the show I make the back lounge on the tour bus my office and start offloading footage, packing down cameras and writing this whilst the download of footage completes.