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At 2am we arrive at our hotel in New Jersey. The band have an instore signing later today but I will be staying to edit in my room for the day. We may also shoot a Christmas cover which will be used by Awesomeness TV, we'll see how everyone in the band is feeling in the morning and take it from there. Just in case, I need to do a full recharge of my batteries so unpack my case and then start loading in the cells. My bag has heavy duty Velcro on the base and so do the packs, it looks like this (pic below), and means all I have to do is plug one extension lead cable in to a socket and I'm done.

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Battery packs in my main suitcase. Kept in place with heavy duty Velcro and cable ties help to keep everything relatively neat

I get to bed around 3am and wake at 9. I head to breakfast but aren't really interested in the relatively unhealthy selection so I head back to my room with a coffee and begin editing. Around 11am I'm starving and head to a nearby dunkin donuts, grabbing a sugar cookie latte and a glazed donut. So much for a healthier day's eating. At 12pm we shoot a new cover. I say new, the boys have done a different version of this song before, but on such short notice of what they need to do, it works and I think it'll be a fun one to watch.

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Frame grab as I finished filming on my FS7, that's my A7SII shooting the wide on my Sigma 20mm F/1.4 lens

I head back to the edit den in my room, grab my iPad Pro and fire up duet display so I can use the iPad as a second screen ready for a marathon of editing.

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My iPad Pro running the duet app & joining forces with my MacBook Pro and FCPX. Top, in events mode and bottom in the viewer option which I mostly use in this setup.

At 230pm I set the France Fanfest video live and receive some lovely feedback from fans, a lot of them French, Merci beaucoup! Here's the video and the feedback underneath which can be clicked on to view larger

Joe text me around 6pm asking if I want to join everyone at a local restaurant but I'm flying with the edit and don't want to stop so I gratefully decline this time. I carry on editing through till 11pm stopping for a burger and coffee, not together, I might add.