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Silver Linings

Lazy morning reading and answering some email in bed before showering and heading to Subway to meet James, Joe and Brad before we head off to Norfolk, Virginia. On the bus I listen to a new song James has written, which is good. Once the subway is down I head to my bunk to rest, listening to some music, a few podcasts I like and drift in and out of sleep. As always, I check the route to see if there's anything interesting for me to film along the way from the bus. Turns out there's the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel which is a fairly long bridge to say the least at 23 miles! It crosses the Atlantic Ocean and Chesapeake Bay connecting the Delmarva Peninsula to the State of Virginia. I drop a pin on the map to see how long it is going to take us to get there, then set an alarm and go back to resting.

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My alarm goes off, I'm awake but have lost track of time watching Top Gear on my iPad, I get up, head to the back of the bus and then realise I forgot one vital part in my planning. It's pitch black. I look out the window and can literally see nothing. I laugh to myself, and head back to bed till we arrive.

Everyone is planning to go to an American BBQ grill house which I'm not that fussed about so when we arrive I end up heading out with James to find somewhere with some healthier options. Our first choice is shut, but it's not all bad, on the way I spot a nice scene to shoot my opening for the Norfolk video. It's very 'House Of Cards' (probably one of my top 3 TV series) and I say to James I'll come back later to get the shot, he agrees, I take a couple photos (below) and so does James. Look out for it at the start of the video when it is released.

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After our wraps, we head back to the hotel, I grab my camera and head back out to get my shot just before it starts to rain. Back at the hotel once again I write, unpack, set up the edit suite ready for the morning and head to bed. Doing nothing tires me out. As I jump into bed I get a text from Waddy telling me that Awesomeness don't want any changes to the Christmas Cover video I shot/edited and delivered yesterday and that it's due to go live tomorrow evening about 8pm east coast time :)

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