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My not so secret diary


Wake up around 730am and head straight to the Starbucks next door for coffee and a croissant. Head back to my room and call my Mum to wish her happy birthday. She's happy with the gift, card and flowers, we catch up for a bit and then I dive into editing the Baltimore video. Around 11am I head out for a walk to get some air and stretch my legs taking my Theta S 360 with me and getting this photo by the University where I took some photo's and filmed the opening scene for the Virginia video last night.

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Editing the Baltimore video

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Outside the Old Dominion University with my Theta 360 S camera

We arrive at the venue around 1pm and are told Soundcheck is delayed for around an hour, thus, the football comes out and we kick around for about 30 mins. I head inside with my gear and setup, connect to the wifi, and upload the Baltimore video to the bands YouTube channel ready for it's release in the coming weeks. As I'm away from Christmas into January I need to act fast on these edits so there is plenty of content to be used in that spell. I film Soundcheck, taking another 360 photo just before the next band are on stage.

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The afternoon passes by with not a lot happening. The band are recording a new song on the bus, Brad stops to play some more football with me, I briefly catch up with Nathan Sykes [who's playing tonight as well] and I take some photo's for Disney that are needed while the band work (outtake below). Around 8pm Awesomeness TV set the video we filmed and I edited on Sunday live via a tweet from Just Jared. The show is good, we head off straight away to New York and I crash in my bunk falling asleep whilst watching Game Of Thrones.

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James recording on the bus

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