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Arrived at the hotel in New York at 4am. I slept till 330am on the bus, got up, got changed and listened to some music. Even at 4am I'm ready to take a photo ;)

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Get to my room, check the view, it's ok, but not as good as last time we stayed, I consider asking for a better view but at 4am I just wanna chill. I unpack and think about getting undressed for bed, however, an idea takes over and instead of getting ready for bed, I shower and prepare to go to Times Square for sunrise.

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Not the best photo I've ever taken but I noticed the reflection of light on to the birds wings so waited for 'the moment', Sky wasn't a bad colour either ;) [Fuji X-T1 23mm f/1.4 lens]

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View from my room when I got back to the hotel after filming sunrise across New York

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and looking down from my room...

I grab a cheeky McDonalds breakfast as I head back to my room to get some more sleep, picking up what I think is a McMuffin, but it's actually sausage encased with sweet pancakes, which is a sugar overload for me. Back in my room I get in bed and fall asleep till 9am. James texts me asking if I want to head to Starbucks with him around 11 as he wants to write some of his book and he knows, well, the two things I'll be doing, drinking coffee and editing suit a Starbucks trip. We chat a bit and work, it's busy but I get some work done and then head back to the hotel to get my cameras ready before we leave for the venue.

After Soundcheck and the bands press is finished I head out for a walk to get [more] coffee and some air. There's something very magical about New York this time of year, Christmas trees lining pavements is one of them, and it probably seems odd to New Yorkers that I'd pick that out as such a 'thing' but it isn't something we see a lot in England.

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iPhone 6S Plus

I get back and get ready for the show. In Soundcheck I suggest we try something different with Shout About It and reference an Air Traffic show I went to years ago. We work it out with the crew and the lighting guy and we are set to go. As Brad won't be mic'd up for it, I set about writing a schedule of events on my set list and inform Scott and Slee (Guitar techs) and then Chris (FOH sound) that I'll mic Brad up with my Sony Wireless Mic. Small mic, great sound. It's wireless, so can go wrong, but more often than not it pulls through, and with Brad singing in the crowd, there's no way of wiring him up here.

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Backstage during the show making one of many lens changes.

Throughout the show I am in and out of the dressing room making lens changes. There's no pit and it's a busy show, so I shoot from in the crowd for two songs with my Canon 70-200 f/2.8 lens and then go to my Sigma 20mm f/1.4 for most of the set. Brad singing Shout About it in the crowd works great and will feature in the New York video, probably as an extra piece at the end, from what I can hear in my ears on stage it sounds good to, but I'll need to check that later when I load footage in and can listen through speakers.

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Brad during Shout About It. This is my view on the monitor. Peaking for focussing is what makes it look overly sharp. It looks over exposed because it slightly is. The DR of the FS7 works best if you slightly over expose an image and then bring down the highlights in post. If you go the other way and need to raise the shadows you get a horribly noisy image.

As the show finishes I jump in my car back to the hotel to offload footage, dive into a Dairy Milk fruit and nut bar and hit the pillow around midnight.

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