Creating The Master

The Morning fuel

Straight onto the coffee before starting to edit the Leeds Signing video from yesterday. Unlike times of old in FCP7 I now can complete a lot of my editing before I even get to the timeline sequence. As I posted on Instagram earlier today, learning how to do this and knowing keyboard shortcuts means I can speed up my edit times as I don't need to move my hands from the keyboard. I think FCPX instructor Ben Balser sums it up nicely :

"The more time you edit from the keyboard, the faster and more efficient you will be working. The more time you are working a mouse or trackpad, the slower and less efficient you will be working. Of course we need to do both, but spending more time on the keyboard with shortcuts makes for faster editing."

Alt text A still from todays video edit.

Around 10am the trailer I made for the 'On Tour With The Vamps' DVD goes live on YouTube. Rather than a montage style edit, I decided to take a piece of the story that I like and use that for the teaser.

By 330pm the Signing video is edited, graded and ready to be set live later today. I'm making a casserole in the slow cooker, so tend to that, grab some tea and start the task of moving all my Lightroom catalogues into one Master catalogue. Around 8pm, and with a hearty wintery casserole inside me, I finish that and copy the catalogue file into my dropbox account so I can access the photos on both my MacBook and iMac. Along the way i see a bunch of old photos which is nice and the memories come flooding back.

The Vamps, Can We Dance Music Video 2013 I did say I glanced at some old photo's...This one of the band late in the night on their first music video shoot for Can We Dance.

At 9pm I set the video live for the signing I edited earlier today and then answer some emails.