Drummer Boy

Director's Cut I saw this boat on a walk a while back, fits for today's entry after my 'Director's Cut' of Tristan's Drum SOlo went live on YouTube.

Wake at 5am in agony. Not sure what i've managed to do but my arm is throbbing with pain. I manage to get back to sleep around half six for another hour and then get up for painkillers and editing. I work on the French Fanfest video till 1pm, stopping for coffee and more painkillers. Luckily while I work it isnt too bad, well, it's bearable, but anything else and i'm met with a shooting pain that immobilises me briefly every time.

I answer some emails, grab some lunch and then head out to Soph's salon to get my hair done. After that I pop into the shopping centre and have a look for a birthday present for my Mum and a quick look at the iPad Pro. It's big, and at first it feels massive in my hands but as time goes by I get more used to it. I use my iPad Air 2 a lot, more so since iOS 9 and the ability to go split screen (see below). I write these posts on it using 1Writer and this keyboard. I love that I can walk around with it in my hand and work, I can stand and put it on a shelf and send some emails, I can sit anywhere, in bed, on the floor, on a plane and type, basically I love it's versatility. So, the iPad Pro... It won't have most of those attributes, but it has many other qualities and it's made me consider it as a possible addition to my current workflow.

iPad Split Screen I write the blog on my iPad using the new split screen view to make linking etc a lot easier. Tris Drumming Photo taken on my Fuji X-T1 with the 56mm f/1.2 lens

At 7pm Tristan's Drum Solo goes live. It's taken from the O2 Arena show I Directed and edited for DVD that has just been released. It couldn't feature on the DVD due to copyright over the tracks Tris used during production of the track he drums to. It's a decision the band take, and though i'd love to see it on the DVD, I do agree that it's more important that the show, live, is as good as it possibly can be. It's fun to edit Tris's solo's, he's a very talented musician, hae a look, hopefully my Directing/Editing means you'll agree...