What's In My 'B-Bag'

Timbuk2 bag

Today's been one of those days where i've got something done I needed to, but it felt pretty un-productive at the same time. Anyway, that allows me to write a slightly different diary post, more of a blog I guess, about what's in my bag. In my main bag I have everything I need for my 'A' camera the Sony FS7 and i'll write about what's in that bag soon. In my 'B' bag, if you like, I have everything else I need for a normal shoot day (It varies shoot to shoot, but this is my base I start from everytime at the moment).

My bag of choice is the not overly stylish but massively functional Timbuk 2 bag. It's strong and as you'll see for a relatively small bag can pack a lot of stuff in it. In the main compartment there's the main pouch and a velcro'd section at the back. Then there's many pockets for all your bits and bobs, i've been using the bag long enough now I know where everything I need is. In the back zipped section is two protective sleeves for tablets or Laptops.

inside main compartment

Inside the main compartment of the bag

the laptop and tablet container

The rear zipped section opens out and protects laptops & tablets, it's also TSA friendly so in America, at least, I don't need to remove my laptop from the bag.


As most of you reading this will know, my day to day job when I am with the band is to capture video, and when I have time and can do it as well, photographs of their days. Of recent months I have been primarily shooting video, it's what i'm paid to do, photography is always secondary to film. However, I am always prepared to be able to photograph the band as well, should a chance arise i'll grab some photos along the way. Job side of things explained, here are the cameras in my 'B' bag.

my 'B' cameras

My 'B' cameras, from left to right the Sony A7SII, Fuji X-T1 with 23mm F/1.4 and 56mm F/1.2 lenses and the Ricoh Theta S 360 camera.

The Sony A7SII (pictured here with the Zeiss Loxia 35mm F/2 fully manual lens) is my night camera. Yes, I use it other times as well, but it can literally see in the dark, and I absolutely love it. It shoots internal 4K and for sound I either use the Sony XLR-K2M for general shotgun pickup or the Sony UWP-D11 Wireless mic system. The Fuji X-T1 is a beautiful piece of machinery and my go to stills camera of choice. Akin to saying if I could design the perfect looking camera, it would be this. A mix of digital and tradition at it's absolute finest. The two lenses I currently use with it are superb, i've been using them and the body for just over a year now and I just love picking it up, and looking at it, i'm excited to see where Fuji go from here in the X-T2 whenever that arrives.

Thinktank sling bag

Inside the main compartment is my Thinktank sling bag which holds my Nebula 4000 gimbal and the Sony RX100 MKIV camera. The gimbal is electronic and though it only has 30 minutes life in the battery is a great recent addition to the bag. You can probably tell where I used it in this video, just look out for the 'floating' shots. The gimbal is behind the camera in the photo below. What I like about it the most is it allows me to get some nice glide shots, in 4K, in such a small compact system.


Editing & Accesories/Essentials

Inside the back compartment of the Timbuk2 bag is my Mod Tablet 2 case by This Is Ground. It's made of the finest leather, super strong, and I think, looks pretty amazing. Inside will be a notebook and pen, my business cards, passport, lightning cable, tickets, documents and my iPad plus Bluetooth keyboard.

Alt text Alt text Alt text

The Mod Tablet 2, one of my favourite possessions, great when you fly!

The rest of my bags main compartment and pockets contains memory cards, spare batteries and more essential items like the ones below...

Alt text

From left to right ; A USB power bank, LaCie Rugged SSD 500GB drive, second lightning cable wrapped inside a cord taco, Beats studio Bluetooth headphones, Shure in-ear headphones (to wear during shows), Ray Bans & my MacBook Pro charger wrapped in a Cordlupa.

In the rear zipped part my 15" MacBook Pro rests. That's about it for my second bag that I take on shoots. Sometimes I'll have to go with one bag, for example if I'm on foot and need to film while we move. Two bags wouldn't work. Most of the time this is my setup though, I'll post about the main bag soon.