iPad Pro Edits

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Mobile editing on the iPad Pro last night

Spent the morning charging and packing for tonight's filming. A little editing followed by some emails and phone calls about the AAA digital zone and what content I'll be supplying for it over the next two weeks.

Car to Kingston. My driver wanted to talk about politics. My headphones were on pretty quick. Arrived first to set up my gear. The shoot was fine though lighting for the signing was awful. Not just lack of it but some horrible green cast I'll be removing in post. During a little filming break I tried out workflow for editing on the iPad Pro. It worked well, at this stage I could never see me editing a full video on it, but I do appreciate touchscreen editing and can see it being implemented in the future. I think the guys over at fcp.co summed it up perfectly :

We cannot stress how fluid the timeline feels on the iPad [Pro] and yes it does scroll with beautiful smoothness when playing. Suddenly, all of Apple's redesigns of the apps makes sense. They have thought long and hard about how we will be using video in the future. Tinkering with iMovie on the iPad you realise that it is years ahead of other NLEs and in a way FCPX too.

Ultimately I'd like to see Apple launch FCPX on the iPad but I doubt that will happen, probably too niche a market. My workflow to get this video on to Instagram was :

  • Wifi transfer files from camera to iPad
  • Edit in iMovie
  • Grade in Chromic
  • AirDrop to iPhone
  • Upload to Instagram

The camera can only transfer an MP4 proxy version of the 4K file to the camera, so it's not full quality, but I still think it works for these little Instagram 'teasers'. Once we'd finished I had a bit of a wait for my car so decided to head out into Kingston to film some low light tests on the A7SII, here's the resulting video and description, which I edited in the car on the way home.

ipad pro edit in the car

Reflection of the iPad pro as I edit in the car last night