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Woke at 7am, checked emails, checked my 2Do list for the day and quickly viewed it in my 3 days focus mode before falling back to sleep till 1015. Allowed myself a few hours more sleep than usual as I know nothing is pressing for the next few days. Still lots to do, but deadlines have passed and i'm in finishing/pre travel to America mode.

Edited [natch] till 6pm. Today I started and finished the Kingston signing video (it will be live on the AAA digital site first, i'm not sure when or how long for). Found out my Sony Wireless packs, or one of them, has an issue and took longer than expected resolving audio problems, some of it could not be resolved. Luckily i'd shot enough to still make a 4min plus video from the night, and I had audio backup from my shotgun mic. Was a tough edit. Horrible lighting meant I was removing casts from all the clips. Thankfully Davinci Resolve makes this easier. In the end I rode with the green and gave it a cold feel in the mids/shadows whilst warming the highlights with more yellow (= less blue in the RGB party side of things). Here's some screenshots of the grade below...

Alt textAlt text Before and after : A basic grade in the live edit, adding contrast, protecting the highlights and revealing some shadow data at the same time. Also removed some green and removed some blue-cool from the highs.. Notice the addition of my edit layers, or in Davinci's case 'Nodes' in the panel on the right Alt textAlt textAlt text Split screen editing to make sure i'm keeping everything looking simialr where I can. I'm also matching up the files from the FS7 and A7SII on one of those screens Alt textAlt text One final before and after screenshot, this time i've made James 'pop' from the background a little more by seperating the shadows and mids but maintaining the overall feel of the grade.