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Edited from 8am till 6pm stopping only to answer emails, pour coffee and eat (I may have visited the bathroom as well, yes...). Took delivery of the new Sigma ART Series 20mm F/1.4 lens. Canon fit as there is no Sony version, so will go on my cameras with the Metabones adaptors I have. Took it outside after eating evening tea and turned night into day using the Sony A7SII. Can not get over how clean this camera is. This is at 25600 ISO turning a, to my eyes, black sky blue. You can see the stars if you look closely.

The video for Stolen Moments I Directed and edited with Connor and Brad went live just after 7pm. I enjoyed shooting this one, though this happened on the shoot so I went home hungry. Grade in black and white was mainly due to the mix of light sources but partly I saw it this way when we shot anyway. Here's the video...

Feedback on Twitter was great again, thank you so much for the kind comments, I really appreciate them.

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Posted the photo below. On my Instagram account. Took it around this time last year, I think it's a view from somewhere we were doing press though it could be my hotel room window. Taken with the Fuji X-T1 and a 56mm F/1.2 Fuji lens. Tomorrow I'll be mainly packing and travelling up to the airport ready for our flight to New York and a 9 day tour on the East Coast.