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My not so secret diary

Mr Waters

Get up around 6am and watch some of the 30 Seconds To Mars ‘Into The Wild’ documentary. The episodes are around 15mins in length but each one ends at around 9 minutes followed by 6 minutes of credits / fan tweets and photo’s. I don’t really dig the endings idea but the content of the video part is pretty good.

I go into my Perth library and start the processes of watching everything I shot in the City. First I grab my notepad and get that set on a blank page to start drafting my story. Then I open up the media folder in FCPX and watch clip by clip, favouriting what I want to use as well as keywording it so it’s easy to find. My keywords are things like ‘Travel’, ‘Soundcheck’, ‘Fan Piece’ and so on. From these keywords I build my timeline of events onto my notepad and then from there I can start to edit. This in general takes me longer than the edit, but it means I don’t miss anything I really want out. If you like, editing is simply ‘cutting out the bad’, but at the same time i’m moulding the emotion of a trip, the documentation of mine and the bands time there and creating, hopefully, a build up to the performance piece by the end that keeps you watching. I’m trying to create a dynamic that flows, that manipulates time, a colouring that is pleasing and depicting of emotion I felt while I was behind the camera. Crafting the edit is the final part of the puzzle. When you direct, shoot and then edit your own work it’s a roller-coaster every time. It’s all down to me. Yes, there are people who help along the way. The band have to give some of their time to me. Management might need to arrange a time in the day for filming with me that I request. Security have to brief the venues team on what i’m doing and that i’ll need full access. Sound will need to record a song that i’m editing to and deliver it to me the next day, etc. There’s many parts and pieces, but ultimately if it isn’t right, then it comes down to me. It’s a pressure that doesn’t cause me to panic, it causes me to focus, to concentrate, to be creative. 

I’m ready to start 'cutting' the video around 11am. Brad’s intro starts well.

BRAD : “We are in Adelaide!”
ME : “Start again.”
BRAD : “Why? I nailed it.”
ME : “We’re in Perth.”
BRAD : “Oh.”

Around 4pm I break for a cup of tea and get a message from one of my best friends, Mark from South Africa, telling me his dad has just been diagnosed with terminal cancer. I sit at my keyboard for about 5 minutes not knowing what to write back to him. I put something together, if nothing more letting him know i'm there if needed. My thoughts are with you and your family brother.

At 6pm I upload the first edit of the Perth video to YouTube for everyone behind the scenes to view.