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Sunrise over Manila

Sunrise over Manila

Up around 715am. I had a nightmare last night about my operation on my wisdom teeth tomorrow. I was basically told it could be three feet long and would be the most pain anyone has ever had to have. Didn’t really enjoy that.

I drop Sophie at work, come home and eat some breakfast before taking my tour laundry to the laundrette and then the car for an MOT, which thankfully it passes. Back home I finishing the colour grade on the Perth video, answer some emails and ask for a change to be made to the live Audio Chris has given me. I can’t finish that just yet so I jump into Lightroom and start developing and exporting timelapse images for the Manila video. I love how the sunrise and sunset ones are looking as stills, hopefully that translates nicely into moving image as well. I edit for the afternoon and speak with Chris, our sound guy, about making an edit to the Live track used on the Perth video. We both have tried the same method but Chris’ advanced skills in this area will mean his version is the one we go with and he tells me i’ll have it tonight. 

I load in a new custom profile onto my C100 and run some tests in my office and filming Imogen. I grade the files and make some notes in my ‘film journal’. I like to spend time getting to really know my cameras so I can get the best from them and this way works for me. 

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