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I wake up at 6 with a headache, grab paracetamol, drink some water and then fall back to sleep till 1030am when I'm woken by house keeping. I've missed breakfast so I head out to Starbucks. I take some photos with some Japanese fans and then head back to my room to edit and update the diary. At 1pm I head down to lunch with Joe and James. There's a lot of fish, as is the customary culinary option in Japan. I opt for the Thai Green Curry and some rice with a cup of green tea. 

Back in my room I call Brad and ask him to check over audio with me on the new cover. We both agree it's ok. Not an easy one as we were in a moving cable car but I've done my best and Brad seems happy. Around 3pm we leave for the venue. I immediately don't feel well. I have a really bad ache in my arm and now feel pretty sick too. I get through the day/night, but it's a struggle, I really want some footage in Shibuya, so convince James to go, which we do. I get some footage and some photos before we head back to the hotel, both freezing cold. 

Back at the hotel I jump into bed after showering and fall asleep watching Lost In Translation. 

Hikawa Jinja

Mount Fuji