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My not so secret diary

Beauty In Everything

Head to breakfast with James around 8am. James is told he can’t wear a vest and to either go and change or they can offer a shirt, he wears the shirt. It’s a nice Hawaiian piece and he even considers keeping it, more a memento than a fashion statement I think. I head up to get some food from the buffet and am told I can’t wear flip flops. I get the same option, go and change or we can offer you some shoes. I opt for the shoes and they force my size 10 feet into a size 7 espadrille. Breakfast is nice apart from damn uncomfortable feet. 

Around 11am James, Con and I head out with security to see some ‘sights’ in Manila. We go to the cathedral, which is nice and then on to some slums by a river. Instantly we are hit with an unbearably awful smell, the air feels thick and I can tell i’m walking on years of compressed rubbish. I film a little and then we head back. One thing I notice and think about is that there is a beauty in everything, even here, the people are happy, they smile and say hello and are really welcoming, its a humbling experience to say the least. 

We head from there to a local market and walk around, we can’t stay long as we’d hoped as we are drawing too much attention. Next stop, Starbucks for a coffee, we go in sit down and have a drink, all seemed calm until we went to leave and then the whole coffee shop stands up and asks for photo’s with the boys, it’s a strange experience, and odd to think they all know who the band is as well. From there we head back to the hotel and then on to a meet and greet at a local mall. The band sign 1,000 albums for fans, another 5,000 are turned away. Incredible.